Cover Your Holiday Plan Interruption with Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delays and cancellations can cause both mental and financial disturbance. The Denied Boarding Regulation law protects you from this stress when it comes to traveling by an EU licensed airline or from an airport located in an EU member state.

While claiming for a delayed or canceled flight may not repair your interrupted traveling plan, it is certainly going to cover some of the expenses you had to incur because of the delay or cancellation. Therefore, understand your rights about the compensation for flight delays as well as learn the way to address the claim.

The length of the delay and the number of miles traveled during the flight are two important variables of the compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. As a matter of fact, the Denied Boarding Regulation will apply when you have a confirmed booking and were checked in on time. If there was no data of check-in time, the arrival at least 45 minutes before the original schedule of the flight will qualify for the flight delay compensation.

In addition to flight delay compensations, a canceled flight makes you eligible to claim compensation. To seek compensation, you need to wait for a minimum of three hours. Ranging from 250 Euro to 600 Euro, you are entitled to claim compensation based on the facts of the flight interruption.

Some doubts may emerge about what constitutes the experience worthy of such compensation. The airline may have a bearing on whether or not a valid claim is made considering the starting airport and the destination airport as well as the length of the flight and the duration of the delay.

Therefore, the best way to find out if a claim is valid to enter all the details on a flight delay compensation website. Many flight online platforms offer a free flight delay compensation calculator to calculate your possible compensation amount as well.

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