Take in the Sights and the Culture in Jamaica

Planning a trip to the Caribbean typically includes top notch beach rentals or resorts, plans of lounging on the sand and taking in some of the sites. When you book your trip to Jamaica there is a wide variety of entertaining and educational elements to take in and participate in while vacationing.

Jamaica is known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Many people get married or honeymoon on this large tropical island. Some of the major tourist towns include Montego Bay, Dunns River, Negril and Ocho Rios. If you book through a travel agent, they will be able to provide you with information on fun tourist activities to participate in while visiting the island. If you booked on your own you still have many opportunities to acquaint yourself with the islands many offerings.

One famous tourist attraction in Jamaica is located in Dunn’s River. Tourists can book a day trip to explore Dunns River Falls. These are waterfalls that are extremely shallow. Climbing them becomes a group activity where people link hands and help one another to the top of the falls. There are many tranquil pools that tourists can sit in and relax if they decide to stop climbing for a few minutes.

If climbing waterfalls is not enough of an adventure for you then you can swim with the dolphins in Dunn’s River. There are several experiences offered and one allows tourists to swim with dolphins in an enclosure while another allows tourists to stand in the shallows with the dolphins and even pet them. After a day spent climbing waterfalls and swimming with dolphins you can go back and watch a beautiful Jamaican sunset from your vacation rental or resort. Water activities continue for you the next day while you are in Jamaica you can partake in a catamaran cruise along the coast line and possibly try your luck at some cliff diving. Parasailing is also a local favorite along the Caribbean coast.

If you feel like learning about some of the history in Jamaica there are many city center buildings, libraries and historical markers located in Kingston. Jamaica has a history that is rich in culture and diversity. Slavery in jamaica is a huge part of the history in this island. When the European nations began colonizing on various Caribbean island they discovered a culture of people that were African men, women and children were often sold to the plantation owners. Sugar cane plantations in Jamaica were one of the major exporters of sugar to the European nations. European women began boycotting sugar when they realized how cruel Jamaican slaves were being treated. Abolitionists in England tried continually to repeal the laws that allowed one man to own another man. They felt very strongly that slavery needed to come to an end.

Jamaica is a tourist destination that should be visited and enjoyed. It does not matter if you are going to learn about its sordid history or partake in the many natural wonders that the island has to offer. Kick back and enjoy some coffee, rum or tropical fruit and take in a breathtaking sunset on the beach during your vacation to this unique tropical island.

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