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Hong Kong has got to be the best place to visit for a well-deserved Christmas break. With locals that widely speak in English and a host of local eats ranging from Cantonese-style noodles, dumplings, duck, rice cakes and beverages like milk tea, Hong Kong is a haven for city folks looking for adventure and new discoveries. What’s even more amazing is that Hong Kong holds the Symphony of Lights every evening, which features colorful and playful lights display in over 40 buildings. The famous HK Disneyland also has new rides for the whole family to enjoy.

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Here are some points of interest you need to include in your travel itinerary to Hong Kong via private jet charter.

Winterfest Highlights

Take part of Hong Kong’s unique Christmas celebration through the Winterfest event organized by the country’s tourism board, which runs for the whole month of December. The event is held at Statue Square, where a massive Christmas tree is beautifully designed and lit. The event’s highlights include a ballet show, a global light art display, Christmas dinner feasts, caroling in the streets and a orchestra show.

Disneyland Adventure

The happiest place on Earth has a special treat for you this Christmas Season. Be enchanted with the various activities that can fill your day! From boisterous day and night parades, nostalgic Disney characters, Christmas carols,, sparkling lights, and a crowd of smiling faces, Disneyland does not run out of things that can make your Christmas extra magical. You may end up teary-eyed as you unleash your inner kid and end the night away with a bang of stunning fireworks.

European Carnival

If you’re looking for outdoor thrills and adventure, the Great European Carnival has a lot to offer. This year, The Great Circus of Europe has exciting offers for the crowds. Get enthralled with some favorite classics and new thrilling shows that are very characteristic of a carnival.

Not only that, there are live entertainments, comedy performers, thrilling carnival rides, and a feast of delectable dishes that will blow your mind.

Shopping Capital

Your trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without shopping! Considered a shopper’s paradise, there are lots of great deals and sales this season. There is no shortage of shopping spots that you can visit. The top recommended spots are as follows:

-Causeway Bay: Get exhilarated with shopping under the neon lights as this is considered as the best shopping place in Hong Kong

Mongkok: this is where your haggling skills get tested with lots of market goodies that are very budget-friendly.

-Central: If you want to do away with the night crowd, this place has a lot of designer outlets, shops, and boutiques nestled between skyscrapers.

-Hollywood Road: The heart of contemporary Chinese art, this is where you find art galleries, antique shops, and other Chinese art you may want to take home

A bonus is that if you show your passport to any of HK’s designer label shops and boutiques, you won’t be charged with tax. This is not applicable to markets.

Avoid the holiday rush and get the fastest booking for flights from New York Hong Kong with a private jet charter that takes you non-stop to Hong Kong’s favorable leisure spots.

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