Top Attractions to Explore during Your Dubai City Tour at Desert Safari UAE

Dubai is a city of dreams. It is actually a utopia of Middle East. The city is unbelievably amazing where everything is ideally incredible. From architecture to luxury and from shopping to nightlife – it boasts of the imaginary lifestyle in the whole world. Hence, it comes as no wonder that tourism here is skyrocketing and expected to expand exponentially in the coming years.

There is a range of things to do from fine dining to dune bashing, kayaking to clubbing and from skydiving to skiing. It has something for every age and class of people. Since the city is filled with oodles of adventures to explore, tourists here wonder what to do and what to miss when they are on their Dubai desert Safari Tour for a few hours or days.

Let’s talk about 4 of the most amazing attractions of this gleaming land that you must not miss visiting when on your desert Safari tour.

The Burj Khalifa & The Burj Al Arab – Burj Khalifa is the charm of Dubai. it is one of the first things that you must not miss visiting when head to this impressive city. Besides beholding this skyrocketing building, exploring the legacy of Burj Al Arab which is the only 7 star hotel of the world is another popular attraction of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab are the two iconic structures of Dubai that stand like beacons in the desert Safari. Go for dinner in this lavish hotel with a selection of scrumptious Arabic food and enjoy great views of the sea.

The Dubai Mall – The Dubai Mall is the largest mall of the world. It has around 1,200 shops ranging from Zara to the Hershey Store. So, it is a pleasing hub for shoppers. Along with having a variety of shops, it also contains some mouth watering restaurants, an ice rink, a massive aquarium and an indoor skiing resort entitled Ski Dubai. Heading out to Dubai Mall is a great way to spend a quality day since there is too much to do and to see. The shopping experience is Dubai mall is like no other.

Desert Safari – Your Dubai desert Safari Tour can never be complete without making a visit to desert safari. Desert is the identity of Dubai. So, beholding the beauty of deserts and enjoying the sandy dunes should not be neglected amidst the shiny buildings, luxurious hotels, ice rinks and ski slopes. Watching the sun set over the desert and viewing its peachy glow spread from dune to dune is something not worth missing.

Dubai Nightlife – Don’t forget that Dubai is a city of fun loving people. The nightlife of this city is pleasingly enthralling. Dubai nightlife is unbelievably varied in Dubai that places to go range from swanky nightclubs to hookah bars to Irish pubs. You will never be lost for the choice of places to head out when in this happening city.

So, there is everything for everyone in Dubai. Allow Desert safari UAE to plan customize your Dubai desert Safari Tour Packages so that you may experience this historic, exhilarating, and snazzy city in full swing. Forget about Paris and London and Goa, – it’s Dubai time. For more details go to our website:


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