Points on how to Boost your Savings while on a Vacation in Louisville, Kentucky, US

Having the time of your life during a Louisville vacation does not mean spending big bucks.

Lodged between the borders of Kentucky and Indiana, Louisville is also called the River City as it is nestled along the famed Ohio River.  Louisville stands as Kentucky’s biggest city influenced by both Midwestern and Southern culture because of its location.  The city is famous for the amazing thoroughbred races that kick-off the yearly Kentucky Derby where the participants all vie for the Triple Crown.  Named after King Louis XVI of France, Louisville bears its name in gratitude of the brave French soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War as the allies of Americans.  This beautiful city holds the largest collection of Victorian edifices and homes grouped in a preservation district.  This combination of old and new gives Louisville its distinct character while providing travelers with various ways of enjoying the city practically.

Savings Tip: Louisville has several excellent accommodations to choose from that are affordable as well.  Aside from inexpensive lodgings, you can also benefit from the numerous budget-friendly means of transportation while exploring the city.

Experience a Budget-Friendly Vacation in Louisville

A bit of planning and budgeting properly goes a long way in preparing for a trip to Louisville.  Browsing online for great packages and reading up on the places you want to visit or things you want to see will give a good idea on how the trip will progress.  A few major considerations should be included in your plans to make the trip to Louisville smooth, affordable, and memorable.

Transportation.  If you are flying over, make sure the book in advance and get the flight from a company that has not only the most affordable but also the best when all things are considered.  Some flights may be the cheapest but can cause some discomfort or delays.  Upon arriving in Louisville. Rent a car only when you have real need of it.  If you must, all reputable rental car offices are at the Louisville International Airport.  The Transit Authority of River City or the TARC bus can bring you to most major parts of Louisville with breaking a sweat or the budget.  It operates everyday from six in the morning to ten in the evening and extends its operating hours during the busier weekends.  Then there’s cycling, a fast emerging trend in transportation since the program was launched about five years ago.  Biking around the city is easy with the bicycle lanes that hug the streets.  You can also jump on the TARC buses if you want to rest a bit as all buses are equipped with bicycle racks.

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Accommodations.  Finding the right kind of accommodations during your vacation in Louisville will be an easy search as there are a lot of hotels with budget-friendly rates.  You can get the best value out of the modest prices with the accompanying amenities such as complimentary wireless internet service and the hot breakfasts.  Some even offer free parking and guestrooms suited for families and large groups.  The Red Roof Inn and the Days Inn are excellent choices for families or if you are traveling with a pet.  If you’re planning to stay in Louisville for a longer period of time, then the amenities at the Comfort Inn and Suites as well as the Suburban Extended Stay may be the best options.

Attractions.  Have grand fun in Louisville with the best celebrations and events all year round.  The famous Kentucky Derby draws all kinds of tourists with its promise of fantastic races and horses.  Other races such as the Great Balloon Race and the Great Steamboat Race are crowd pleasers as well.  For the ultimate tour of the city, head to the Bluegrass Balloon Festival and head for the skies.  Be sure to come back down for the biggest fireworks show in America, the Thunder Over Louisville. Nature lovers can find their share of relaxation at the Waterfront Park and the Louisville Zoo.  Embrace the culture and history of Louisville inexpensively at the Patriots Peace Memorial and the Frazier International History Museum.

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